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Experience: large carrier

Example of a large carrier

Let's now focus on standard problems of a carrier with big fleet and several branches. Imaginary CR-SK-PL Transport, a. s. has 42 trucks in its fleet and in addition to headquarters in the Czech Republic, local branches in Poland and Slovakia.

Where are empty trucks?

The advantage is presence on market of three neighbouring countries among which rush cargo exchange occurs. However, we see problems in planning of follow up routes of trucks as well as checking of their transport capacity.

Typical problems:

  • thanks to big number of trucks in three countries, it is awesome to manually keep a central summary of the most advantageous jobs for all currently empty trucks;
  • the company is about to implement a system allowing access to the database of orders on the go;
  • requirements towards contractual partners are not unified, each transport officer has a separate solution;
  • enormous costs are spent for phone communication with partners (including international calls);
  • due to occasional chaos in management of jobs and alternate capacities, cargo delivery deadlines are not complied with;
  • central handling of complaints is often ineffective due to impossibility to trace back mutually reliable job data;
  • the company plans expansion to Hungary, but the existing jobs management system is no longer rated for the expansion.

Benefits from implementation of Cargopass

Management of CR-SK-PL Transport decided to make an essential step how to streamline internal processes for jobs management and improve quality of transport services to existing and prospect partners. Based on pilot implementation of Cargopass, it was decided to purchase of sufficient number of accesses to the system for transport officers in all three countries. Now, they can respond to the transport demands immediately - and always with respect to current positions of free trucks on the go.

The implementation of Cargopass brings the following specific solution:

  • the company got a unified and standardized tool across the company, multi-lingual version of this system underlines that;
  • complaints rate significantly dropped and customer satisfaction increased - and thereby interest in the company and its services;
  • the system accelerated, facilitated and substantially reduced communication costs both across the branches and external partners;
  • nothing prevents the expansion to other countries, only number of accesses to the system must be increased, no extra costs for programming necessary;
  • the system provides information necessary about the company while respecting individual requirements and national habits of each branch;
  • the company improved its competitiveness, won new opportunities and strategic partners;
  • savings: wages, telecommunication service fees, less complaints, less loses - higher utilization rate, monthly about EUR 12,000;
  • average price for one login per one month to the Cargopass system is EUR 11.50.

Implementation of the Cargopass brought the large carrier the solution for its problems, it can effectively manage international branches, responds better and faster to demands from business partners while saving substantial amounts in the field of costs.

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