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Experience: small carrier

Example of a small carrier

We will tell you a story of Blesková přeprava, s.r.o., a small imaginary carrier specialized in quick transport of parcels in the CEE region and typical issues of smaller carriers - and their solution based on the Cargopass system.

Where and when?  And where, anyway?

Initially family business, Blesková přeprava has always worked on the principle of personal agreement and friendly relations with transport officers of manufacturers. Unfortunately, increasing professionalism on the side of the manufacturers and shift of emphasis on speed and maximum transport efficiency, the company started to losing breath.

Typical problems:

  • due to receipt of transport jobs exclusively by phone, misinterpretations and errors sometimes occurred resulting in down times and lost of jobs;
  • former method of arranging of orders "for a good word" abandoned; the market is now full of competitors who search for their jobs systematically and on long-term basis;
  • during the economic slowdown time, the company receives jobs not matching its capacities exactly - there are complaints by customers due to late delivery;
  • thanks to lesser linking of the transport routes, the company is unable to compete in price to comparable carriers operating on the market;
  • the carrier does not have access to updated database of orders to pick up at the moment of free capacity;
  • over the time, links to partners vanish due to inexistence of retained contracts.

Benefits from implementation of Cargopass

At the moment of the company takeover by a new owner, decision on streamlining of jobs planning was adopted to nurture future growth. Thanks to good references and possibility to control the system on the go, Cargopass was implemented.

Of specific benefits from implementation of Cargopass at a small carrier:

  • operators do not have to "lurk" at computer for an opportunity - the system monitors their parameters automatically and sends e-mail and SMS message notification;
  • the company utilizes its trucks much more on the return routes as well;
  • the company won new customers who classified it as their partners - the company receives preferential demands;
  • one transport officer manages the work (not two as before);
  • approximate monthly savings (phone, fax, salary) about CZK 22,000;
  • revenues increased by 32%;
  • average price for one login per one month to the Cargopass system is CZK 545.

The company eliminated job communication errors, transport is managed effectively and within its limits only, saves huge amounts in costs.

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