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Questions from carriers and manufacturers

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed interesting questions and comments via our inbox. We will try to answer some of your most frequently asked questions here.

How do you verify companies in the Cargopass database?

Each newly registered company must submit an excerpt from the Commercial Register as well as its VAT registration and, for carriers or couriers, its license certificate and insurance certificate. Checks are also made using the insolvency and debtors registers.

What happens if we change our logistics manager (dispatcher)?

If you use Cargopass actively, then nothing will really change. All data and business contact information is stored in the system, so the new employee can smoothly take over where the former employee left off. Furthermore, the system itself is very intuitive to use, even for a complete beginner. Should any difficulty arise, our assistants will be happy to help at any time.

Can Cargopass find a replacement carrier if my contract carrier cannot deliver?

Very quickly. The strength of Cargopass is in its ability to rapidly find and complete an order. The primary benefit is that only active offers are listed in Cargopass. All you then need to do is choose a company that offers the requested transportation, and ideally you select one that has the best shipping conditions for the given location.

What guarantee is there that my service request will be forwarded to the carrier?

If you decide to use Cargopass actively, you will have a complete overview of all transactions performed. The system keeps track of everything and the carrier is informed of your service request in a number of ways. You can also build a list of your favourite carriers to prioritise in your future searches. Cargopass boasts the highest success rate of completed deals among all comparable systems.

What does it cost to use Cargopass?

Our annual subscription starts at CZK 9,975 / € 399; monthly subscription from just CZK 975 / € 39. A free Cargopass LITE version is also available. The following table compares the different versions.

FunctionCargopass LITECargopassNote
Inputting records unlimited
Searching records unlimited
Contact details for record creator* record details
Unlimited access unlimited subscription
Cargopass Maps ® route planning
Cargopass Assistant ® assistance service
Cargopass Cash Service ® disputes settlement support
Cargopass Partner Program ® advantageous partner offers
Cargopass System Connect ® integration with company systems
Cargopass Mobile ® access from your mobile phone
Access by web browser no need to install the application

* only applies to records located

What’s new

Records on the increase

2021/07/11 Thanks to the continually increasing number of users and the excellent work of our Cargopass Assistant Team, the number of records is growing daily, which will be of benefit to you as users.



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