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Experience: large business

Example of a large manufacturing business

Let's look at an example of a larger manufacturing business. První sklolaminátová, a. s. is an imaginary manufacturer of fibreglass components and construction elements. Historically, the company has 5 production plants - two in Bohemia, two in Moravia and one in eastern Slovakia.

When the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

Considering the production process and location of technologies at different plants, the company must manage not only transport of brittle materials between branches but also final production to distributors (also to a retail chain of construction materials). Several years ago, management of První sklolaminátová calculated that in-house fleet is ineffective and outsourcing of transport services is more profitable. But in this large company with so many branches, there is chaos in ordering of transport services.

Typical problems:

  • thanks to de-centralization of production capacity into five plants there are troubles in ordering of transport - lack of capacity, doubled request for transport etc.;
  • chaos occurs due to high number of entities and international network of distributors;
  • central inspection is difficult, data is delayed and not unified for management analysis;
  • absolute lack of connection to other intra-business information systems with three of five branches;
  • central management of complaints is unclear; there are not complete information about an older contract or from remote branches;
  • saving measures had to be implemented, particularly those related to phone calls and wages for dispatch officer.

These problems often lead to early delay of transport of supplies to partners, which is detrimental to manufacturer’s reputation on the market.

Benefits from implementation of Cargopass

Authorized employees of První sklolaminátová decided to stem the tide of ineffective ordering of transport and decided to implement Cargopass at all branches after testing of the pilot operation. Thanks to website access to the central database, neither time nor logistic problems occurred.

The implementation brings the following specific solution:

  • Cargopass is used as a system and standardized tool for the company;
  • unification, acceleration and making the process associated with the transport offer and demand transparent - both inside the company and between the branches and external partners;
  • thanks to the Cargopass solution, the company found new, stable and reliable carriers being addressed preferentially, with which mutual communication is resolved effectively with the help of this system (from entering and specifying of the request up to confirmation of the purchase order);
  • the system was connected to the existing business SAP solution - the Cargopass system automatically receives requests from some points of technology;
  • the company used the possibility for searching of free warehouse areas - costs are optimized in this way;
  • the system provides information necessary about transport throughout the company while respecting individual requirements and habits of each plant;
  • average monthly savings of costs (phones, faxes, wages, cheaper transport, lower complaint rate, quicker performance) amounts to CZK 223,000 across the company;
  • average price for one login per one month to the Cargopass system is CZK 325.

Following implementation of the Cargopass solution, communication with carriers and plants improved, internal processes are now more transparent and, last but not least, significant savings were reached.

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