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Experience: small business

Example of a small manufacturing business

Let's use a small, imaginary manufacturer of engineering products Horní malostrojírenská, s. r. o., to show standard issues of small manufacturers related to transport of their production - and how Cargopass may help.

Chaos and useless barriers at the beginning

Management of Horní malostrojírenské successfully worked out the production process in its one plant, however transport to customers became the Achilles’ heel. Running of in-house fleet of trucks is inefficient (high costs, useless idle times, not core business) but faces to troubles with contractually arranged carriers.

Typical problems:

  • the carriers assume distorted cargo and date information (either due to their fault, fault of customer, i.e. the human factor);
  • searching for transport for irregular trips across the Czech Republic is lengthy, expensive and demanding and automation of the same failed;
  • more serious problems are associated with searching of a carrier for small, but specific-heavy and fragile cargo for transport abroad (about once or twice per year);
  • one skilled traffic officer was engaged in arrangement of transport, however, he retired and the new officer does not have the right contacts;
  • there is not complete archive of past contracts.

Benefits from implementation of Cargopass

Following good references, the management of Horní malostrojírenská decided to implement Cargopass, that brings the following specific and tangible results:

  • the company arranges transport of material and its production seamlessly in advance;
  • communication with searched partners involved in the transport is efficient and without loss of information;
  • a dispatch officer handles the transport at half of her full-time job;
  • the company is sure that should no contractual partner responds to the demand, the same will be cascaded to all partners in the system;
  • all deals made are retained in the system and available retrospectively as well;
  • approximate monthly savings (phone, fax, salary) about CZK 14,000;
  • annual transport savings (finding a cheaper transport services) CZK 161,000;
  • average price for one login per one month to the Cargopass system is CZK 545.

Implementation of the Cargopass solution quickly streamlined workflow, provided more reliable provision of transport, and high savings of costs to the small manufacturer.

What’s new

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