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Cargopass – your route to prosperity

Cargopass is a modern, affordable and user-friendly solution that enables you to:

  • benefit from a unified environment for communication between partners and branches;
  • access the database of vehicles and cargoes of verified partners;
  • get information about offers that match your predefined requirements precisely;
  • reduce the costs and risks related to finding the right business partner in the transportation business;
  • enjoy the benefits of a professional information system at low operating costs;
  • use the advanced features of the insolvency service;
  • effectively manage cargo and vehicle supply and demand.

Why Cargopass?

Our solution is the answer when you need to:

  • make transportation more effective – both in terms of cost and time;
  • effectively and easily communicate with your partners;
  • get an overview of vehicles and cargoes currently available;
  • advertise and search for warehousing facilities;
  • have all the information you need at your fingertips – on your mobile or PC.

Over the past six months alone, we have recorded a 468% increase in the number of Cargopass records, while registering hundreds of new companies across Europe every month. Become a member of this transportation community, simplify your work and boost your bottom line. 

What’s new

Records on the increase

2021/07/11 Thanks to the continually increasing number of users and the excellent work of our Cargopass Assistant Team, the number of records is growing daily, which will be of benefit to you as users.



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